I read your post about having sex with a radfem, and honestly I don’t view women as having to be submissive in bed or playing a role in pleasuring me and just me. In fact the opposite (I would much rather pleasure her). If theres one thing I love it’s a woman with character that doesn’t put on an act, a woman who I love for what she stands for, a woman that I admire for all the things she does with me and around me. A woman that I can spend time without limit and still enjoy being around. You said that entering the bedroom with a radfem would make you feel human because you aren’t forced to comply with your gender role, in layman’s terms you described what would be an absence of a gender role. I completely agree, sex is supposed to be an intimate thing, with out expectations or preconceived notions. It’s supposed to be a moment when love and respect is there, and any desires or physical features go un-judged (perhaps features are worshiped) and both partners have desire for each other and a moment of intimacy. But honestly if there was a word that equates what misogyny means to women for men your post would be accurately described by it. While I’m not disgusted, I am offended. I honestly don’t understand whats wrong with looking at pornography. Whats wrong with fantasy? All humans are lustful, it’s in our nature, it’s part of evolution. I know plenty of women who watch pornography. With out this luster I don’t think the population would be as high as 7.25 billion. Sexual pleasure isn’t the point of a relationship but at least be a human, and humans have imperfections.

From me:

Dude, what’s this? What’s wrong with fantasy? First off, I cannot read all those dude words, but beyond that, this is all you need to ask yourself:

If you and a woman are in the bedroom together and she gets out a big ole strap on and wants to do you up the butt with it EVERY time ya’ll have sex, and you will never, ever penetrate her, and there’s a chance that through her penetrating you, you will end up pregnant with a baby at which point she might leave you, would you be totes cool with that? I mean seriously, strap on + your butt every single time. You chill bro?

jezzabomb said: This blog is hyper-aware of the "otherness" of feminism and clearly perceives it as a counter culture and antagonistic perspective. A TRUE feminist does not consider themselves radical in the least. They consider it completely plain, normal, and bland that the scale should be equally balanced between genders. They are not hyper aware of their own gender. They simply expect that everybody can live their lives freely as equals. The "radical" feminist has not yet moved into a post-misogynist world.

I’m sorry sir were you educating me on something here? 



no one thinks about the poor menz no moar.

Killuminati = born to be a meme.

We’re gonna be sewed into the stone age.

So tragic for them. All those thoughts.

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"Trans inclusive" radical femisists


What’s their goal?  How is this different from liberal feminism?  How the hell can these assholes claim to grasp things at the root (being radical) while reinforcing the gender hierarchy and worshiping men and their fantasies?

Words mean nothing. That’s why they get so excited when you misgender them.

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and of course, the Hugo.

Hugo Schwyzer. You complete NAMALT <3 Thank you for that.

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words will never be enough

And the infamous Damien Kaos who has made three 20-30-minute videos about how much he hates the women who took over the Bra-Busters page.

(First one was called “Burning the Bra-Busters” cause nuance and herstory both escape him)

There is not end to the lolz

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They’re all over the place. So are we. But it’s not the same.


Women have fought for and held their space and their voice and their rights since time immemorial. Witches, healers, amazons, suffragettes, lesbians and radical feminists, among others, as well as combinations of the above have witnessed repeatedly how when they defend their space, fight for their rights and make their voices heard, the Powers That Be go berserk.


MRAs whine like there’s no tomorrow, libfems throw up their hands in horror at the abuse we are perpetrating on their men friendz, prepubescent pornstricken d00ds call for trolling raids, brocialists jump to explain how our priorities are wrong and most unicorns end up showing that what they really are are asses with a bump when they see that “but don’t feminists fight for gender equality” is met with a simple, determined “No. We fight for liberation. Now shut up”. And I won’t even begin to describe how the trans folk react when we set this extremely simple boundary.They resort to anything. Bullying, ridiculing, threatening, censoring, the works.

They’re all over the place. And not in a good way.


But the thing is that what they do, is to actually make us take even more space, and do it with more conviction, more strength and above all, more women. Because what happens with women spaces is that those who participate in them, learn to cherish and defend them in a way only they can do. Bear in mind that for many women, these are unique, once in a lifetime experiences and memorable “first times”. So what happens when you shut down these spaces is that you get more. You force those women to replicate that lost space any and everywhere they can. And every time that happens, more women take the lead. For instance, the woman writing this did not have a tumblr account before ;-)

Minutes after Facebook took down Boner Busters (after having taken down its predecessor, BraBusters, under allegations that the radfems who took over the formerly porn page and filled it with radical feminisn, were posting, brace yourselves, porn) the women who participated in the space got together and decided that we will re write EVERY single word we have written there, every single thought we have discovered there, every little bit of truth that we have seen there (so many of us for the first time in our life). We decided that, in fact, we will write EVEN more, speak even more, think even more, and love (some many of us for the first time in our life) even more.

That does not mean that we were not outraged at the injustice.Outrage is a funny word. Just like us and all the women before us, it has “rage” inside. The rage we are not allowed to have when we see death and destruction all around us, and the rage that we endure every day of our lives, around us and inside us, inside our bodies and our souls, and the bodies and the souls of all our mothers, all our sisters, and all our daughters from the very men we gave life to, because all women are givers of life, including those who are never mothers, because woman is life. That rage, that same rage, is what allows us to get up again, and keep fighting. So it’s good.

But the most important bit is that this irrational - and yet unsurprising - act of injustice has strengthened us in ways those Powers That Be had not expected. They taught us how to collaborate, how to find alternatives, how to multitask like superheroines, how to organize globally (admins of BB cover 7 time zones), how sisterhood works and the even more valuable lessons that there is nothing forbidden to us and that we are not alone. So now we’re all over the place. But in a good way.

We have two new pages for the one taken down: we created the Spinsters Auxiliary Needlework and Havoc-Wreaking Society and other women inspired by all this gave us another page for those fond of keeping the word “busters” in a page name. We still have this tumblr to record all the reasons why the NAMALT argument (Not All Men Are Like That) is a fantasy, and this one here to record what happens when women say NO. Other women have created Radical Feminist pages on Herstory, Literature, Theory, PornstitutionMusic & Poetry, Loving Women and even humour. (Because we actually DO have a sense of humour, you really should have heard us roar with laughter during the troll swarms). And there are more to come.

So this is a quick note to say that it didn’t happen. We did not shut up. And we never will. Until we are free. Until we win. image

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Untitled: radfeminist: womenagainstwomyn: The radfem/female supremacist page…




The radfem/female supremacist page BONER busters on Facebook was taken down for hate speech.


It will be loaded back up.

Yes, men were posting images of men raping corpses of women and reporting the page for hate speech against men at the…

Rape porn = Totes cool.

Rape porn is okay. Two consenting partners are wiling to play the act, then who gives a fuck. BDSM couples, before any act of sexual play, talk about safety rules and the line of consent they’re willing to act out. There’s always a safety word, it’s safely practiced, and the people are consenting to it. I see nothing wrong with the people who want to participate and the people who get off to it. Why? Because both sides know that it is staged, merely a scripted fantasy. Normal, functioning adults of society find real rape disgusting, vile, and evil.

< You clearly did not see what was posted on the page. Let’s have a look. Here is a little sample: http://notallmenarelikethat.tumblr.com/post/59680929595/these-images-are-a-very-small-sample-of-the-influx >

Not answering men posting rape porn = Hate speech.

That sentence was structured very weird. Are you saying that the admins of the page didn’t respond to their comments, therefore the commenters decided to flag you for hate speech? The people were already flagging the page for hate speech way before said incident (which I wasn’t aware of), and was always turned down on their requests because somehow saying that all men are rapists, scum, evil, oppressors, they should die, etc etc radfem nonsense isn’t hate speech from the start?

< Saying that men are rapists isn’t hate speech. They are rapists. No one said ALL men are rapists on the page. Men like to add that word (all) every time a woman mentions ANYTHING men as a class do wrong. Radical feminists use class analysis. We discuss men as a class, not as individuals >

Hey, women against womyn, you said, “I don’t even really consider myself an egalitarian because I am a traditional woman. Just a simple person with a burning hate for feminism.”

Feminist tactic: go on profile and use information against them. What’s that called again? Ad hominem? Yeah….

< It’s only an ad hominem if I attack something about your character that is completely irrelevant to the topic we are discussing, like if I said you are fat (what men love to say to women they do not agree with). If we are talking about women’s rights, and you openly state that you are not even an egalitarian, let alone a feminist, mentioning this is not an ad hominen, but an acknowledgement that you openly have a political stance that is antifeminist >

So you see yourself as inferior to men and are pissed off with me because I do not think I am subhuman.

How does me being traditionalist somehow mean I think I am inferior to men. Being a traditionalist means that I want to be a stay at home mother, and depend on my husband. Which doesn’t imply inferiority in any way. I do not think of you as subhuman, because you are a human. Any man or woman deserves the same rights, and we have them here in the west, so why are you still complaining? Because you can’t have the same privileges? Do you know how privileges work? Why specific genders act a certain way? I’m sure you don’t, most radfems are anti-science and anti-biology anyway.

< First of all, traditionally, men dominate over women. So, if you’re a traditionalist, like you say, please have a lok at history, because that is tradition. Traditionally, women are property of men. Read some history if you didn’t know that. Second, radfems are anti-science? Are you kidding me? Did you know that many radfems are scientists? I have no clue where you get the notion that radfems are anti-science or anti-biology. Quite the contrary. >

That’s just fucking brilliant.

Applause for this amazing statement. Really, I’m astounded.

How do you work that out? You enjoy being treated like shit?

Like shit? No. No one likes being treated like shit, unless they’re some kind of crazy masochist.

Makes absolutely no sense to me.

And I, you.

Seriously, why do you embrace the inferior status men have given you?

Men haven’t given me shit. Women haven’t given me shit. I take the shit that the world hands to me and I make a life out of it. There is no man over woman and woman over man where I reside, so why should I spite anyone because they have a penis? 

Seriously, life is what you make of it. People choose to be positive or negative, and I choose to live positive. I make my life the way I see fit, and none of you radical feminist fucknuts will ever change that.

Don’t you see the irony in what you preach. You want women to choose. You want women to be free. But the minute you see a woman choosing something you don’t like they’re suddenly not free, and are suddenly inferior because they are not what you want them to be. 

That, my friend, is called fascism. Good day.

< No, our politics is absolutely NOT based on wanting women to choose. You have completely, 100% misunderstood radical feminist analysis if that is what you think. Radical feminist analysis is not about choice. It’s about options and so, so much more. You do not understand radical feminist theory at all if you think radical feminism is about choice.

We are not fucknuts, but it’s more comfortable to believe that we are than to listen to what we have to say or read radical theory, which you obviously have not done. Sticking your head in the sand does not make you non-nuts, it makes you in denial.

But the minute you see a woman choosing something you don’t like they’re suddenly not free, and are suddenly inferior because they are not what you want them to be. “

No woman is inferior. All women are treated within patriarchy as inferior beings. That is not the same thing as me saying you are inferior. I said men think you are inferior. >

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No means “me no likez”. Well, see how I care.


I have met a group of extraordinary women some months ago. They are Radical Feminists. They are so extraordinary that their awesomeness is contagious. I have become more radical, more feminist and more extraordinary just by being around them. By reading their analyses, hearing their music, seeing their art, watching their politics, which also means watching their lives.

A small group of these women took over a porny facebook page from some idiots who posted pics of women’s breasts and commented with all their wisdom about the size or what they’d do to those women. After women took over they also commented what they thought about that. You can find most of that, as well as new additions of male opinions, here.

A few months later, Facebook took down the now NOT porny, but Radfem page in a real display of rapey mantrum politics. These are the details. So this group of women, now larger, created a new page, Boner Busters. And it rocked! It also showed in detail what the reaction is when women get together and start operating independently from their masters, even for harmless things such as facebook posts.

The page was a space where women shared articles on herstory, sexuality, politics, health, spirituality, about what women had done, about what women could do and about what women wanted to do. So, a few days ago we focused on PIV , its reality, its consequences, and its implications. That quite naturally led to us further detaching ourselves from The Men as an institution (Also, for some of us, it meant detaching ourselves from the men IRL) and that in turn, led to us (some for the first time) setting our boundaries.  We soon set the page to be a women only space. And in each of these four steps, hell broke loose.

The escalation of the menz’ (and some of the women helping them in their oppression and destruction) reaction was amazing. We got messages about how they “admired” us (while still mansplaining what we had to do), then messages about how they did “NOT APPROVE” of our recent statements, and finally and quite quickly, to specific insults and disgusting violent threats, including graphics of mutilation and rape, and dreadful grammar, some of which you can find here.. What followed defies belief. A bunch of prepubescent d00ds called for a 4chan raid, while other groups of assorted trolls flooded the page with their opinions, and their demands. HOW DARE WE not allow the men to speak at our Page. We even got a real funny one from a guy threatening us with legal action (which he referred to as “his legalities”) because we published a screencap of his actual words. All of this, we survived, and with every new sample of d00dness, we grew more certain that what we were doing was right.

With most admins blocked from facebook due to their outrageous double standards that allow men to post and send pictures of rotting corpses being raped but will ban pictures of breastfeeding mothers and statements like “My feminism will be about women or it will not be feminism”, and the immature swarm of trolls now devoted to reporting the page “incessantly”, finally the page got unpublished.

This of course, has NO consequence whatsoever for the women running BB. If anything, it has strengthened our conviction to build, and defend, women only space. We have backup of most materials and new pages underway.

The value of this injustice lies in the fact that it does not require ANY action from us, other than looking and standing our ground to trigger their hate. Our just being there, not doing anything for the men, or related to men, our saying “I do not care what you think about me, about what I should think, feel or behave. I do not care what your opinion is on my beliefs, my body or my politics. I am not here to be APPROVED by you. I am a woman. I am a radical feminist. Your judgment and opinions on me are irrelevant to me”, that alone unleashed the truth about men and their class behaviour.

And when we took the extra step and added that we cared about women, exclusively and specifically, well, that was too much. They closed it down and we’ll open a million more. We will re write EVERY single word we have written there, every single thought we have discovered there, every little bit of truth that we have seen there (so many of us for the first time in our life), I have no doubt about that. In fact, we will write EVEN more, speak even more, think even more, and love (some many of us for the first time in our life) even more. 

It does not mean that we don’t feel outraged. Funny how rage is contained in the word outraged. The rage we are not allowed to have when we see death and destruction all around us, and the rage that we endure every day of our lives, around us and inside us, inside our bodies and our souls, and the bodies and the souls of all our mothers, all our sisters, and all our daughters from the very men we gave life to.

So yes, we have that healthy, liberating rage against what holds an entire world slave to a cruel oppression. But we are also exhilarated. We CAN choose our agenda, our priorities, our rules, our ideas. We can think and discuss and create. We can do that without men (we have both the right AND the ability to do so) and we will. That simple.



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