THIS photo was removed from FB after relentless reporting from the trans lobby for claims of transphobia. Because the word woman is transphobic now.

To the trans lobby, loud and clear, let me say this to you: You are the antithesis of feminism. You deliberately destroy feminism. You are antagonizers of women who are organizing for our own freedom. You are oppressive, manipulative, abusive people. You have no place in feminism. None. Feminism is for and about WOMEN and always was! If that bothers you, I do not care! Feminism has always been about FEMALES. We are not a dirty word and we have a right to our own liberation from oppression.


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    The trans* lobby: just like big tobacco but with fewer rights, zero government representation, and 57% more likely to be...
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    I don’t even know what you’re talking about. i’ve know a lot of trans women and they’re simply fantastic people and i...
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    You sound like an MRA. “But men get raped too!!!” And “What about men?” Feminism is about females. Always was. Males can...
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    look at the cute widdle transphobe, aren’t you precious, YES you are, good girl… here’s a cookie.
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    Julian Vigo hits the nail on the head with this analysis of Cis. "cis privilege is an invention—that gendered privilege...
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    "MtoF are men"HahahahHahahaHold onI’m not done holding my sides
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    Because everyone knows race and class issues don’t affect women. Oh wait? They do? In fact they affect women even more...
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    Why does everyone believe SO COMPLETELY that Brennan is like our hivemind Queen or something?She doesn’t speak for all...
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    “Radfems don’t pull this kind of shit” L O L