Bra-Busters was removed from Facebook after multiple men reported the page, claiming it contained pornography and was soliciting sex. The page was a feminist space and had no pornography whatsoever. It was over 3,400 members strong, mostly women, where we were able to share our experiences as women in a safe environment. Men who trolled the page were always quickly banned, so it was a place where women could speak comfortably without being harassed.

The new page, BONER Busters, is up in its place, but we are already receiving threats to have the page taken down, again claiming that we have porn on the page. Please check out the page and see if you can find this porn we are posting. Or all our solicitations for sex.

Here is BONER Busters, with content taken from Bra-Busters:

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    Bra buster taken down by Facebook after illegitimate reports by male harassers, and immediately reloaded!
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    The porn is in the page name, hehe
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